About Runt

We were given a number of dialogues or monologues to choose from. When I read them all, Runt really spoke to me. I also feel strongly about Mental Health and particularly Male mental health. As a man, I can testify most of my concerns are usually just unfounded and in my own head. I wanted to get a message out there to say never give up, no matter how bad things are, as they can and will change for the better, usually in the most unexpected of ways. With this piece I do feel like some of the shots could be improved and would have liked some different camera motions at certain times. I also would have liked some drone shots however for a zero budget a small crew I am very happy with the outcome.


Written & directed by James Wylie
Monologue written by Paul Mallison
Co Written by Steve Smith
Sound, Editing & Produced by Denisa Peniuc
Camera by Megan Issac
Production Manager – Razina Crawford
The Man – Lucas Edwards
The Woman – Denisa Peniuc
Woman on the wooden bridge – Emily Issac
Woman in the tunnel – Bethany Marham
Dog in the tunnel – Seren
Abandoned Dog – Woody

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